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Meditation Blog Entry

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Definition Meditation is a practice that involves focusing the mind to achieve a state of heightened awareness and inner calm. It is often used to promote relaxation, develop concentration, and enhance emotional well-being. Originating from ancient spiritual traditions, meditation has been a fundamental aspect of various cultures for thousands of years, including those in India, […]

Daily Mantra, The Short Mix

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I am relaxed in body and mind.I am in control of my emotions. I react with equanimity, analysis, understanding, and compassion to every situation.I am open, honest, and free. I live my life with lighthearted joy! I am exquisitely healthy. I am fit, strong, and focused. I am magnificently wealthy. I do what I want […]

A new Daily Mantra

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A New Daily Mantra I am relaxed in body and in mind. I am fully in control of my emotions. I am relaxed, happy, strong, and focused. I am aware of and attuned to my emotional state at all times. I register any deviation from this state and correct it. I analyse why it changed, […]

Daily Mantra, The First

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Daily Mantra I live my life with feel and flow. I take the path of greatest ease, with the greatest positive effect for myself and those around me.I do it instinctively and with a still mind.I am in flow with and in harmony with modern life, nature, all living creatures, and the universe.Health, wealth, love, and […]

Existentialists is a philosophical movement that emphasizes individual existence, freedom, and choice. Existentialists believe that individuals are responsible for creating their own meaning and purpose in life, as opposed to relying on external sources such as religion or societal norms. Key concepts in existentialism include:

1. Existence precedes essence: Existentialists assert that individuals exist first and then define themselves through their actions and choices.

2. Freedom and responsibility: Existentialists emphasize the freedom of individuals to make their own choices, but also highlight the responsibility that comes with this freedom. They believe that individuals must take responsibility for their actions and their impact on the world.

3. Anxiety and authenticity: Existentialists often discuss the experience of anxiety that arises from the awareness of one’s freedom and responsibility. They advocate for authenticity, which involves being true to oneself and living in accordance with one’s own values and beliefs.

4. Absurdity: Existentialists contend that the universe is inherently meaningless, and that individuals must create their own meaning in a world that lacks inherent purpose or order.

5. Authenticity: Existentialists encourage individuals to live authentically by making choices that align with their true selves, rather than conforming to societal expectations or external influences.

Overall, existentialism emphasizes the importance of individual experience, choice, and responsibility in creating meaning and purpose in life.