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Welcome to our endeavor to make your life a little better.

Do you want to dramatically increase your happiness and health? Overcome depression and physical ailments such as chronic backache. Dramatically improve the quality of your life? Make it worth living again; do you want to live?

Astoundingly, this is really possible, even if you don’t believe it right now. It is. Many people turn around their lives. It may take a little time and effort, but you could even start enjoying the time and effort it takes, and over time you may realize that it is a lifelong journey, and you may revel in it!

The following happiness formulas are sincerely meant to help improve your life. Dedicating yourself consistently to even one, most, or all of them, will improve your life. I guarantee it.

The pace of improvement will vary from individual to individual. In the beginning, you may notice no improvement, but with consistent dedication, you will. Sometimes it takes years, but the sooner you start, even with one small thought, the sooner your life will improve. Like many or even most people you may stop, give up or lose interest, but you may also start again, and again, like I did, until eventually you have a breakthrough and then another and another ad infinitum.

Our motivation: 

Existentialists metaphorically believe that we are living in hell on earth, and the way to deal with this is to find something worth living for in this life. While we may not fully subscribe to this belief, we do hold the conviction that discovering something worth living for, regardless of the time it takes, is a profoundly meaningful pursuit.

Our ‘something worth living for’ is this: striving to make life a little, or perhaps even significantly, better for all of us in this turbulent world of ours. For us, this is our worthy cause. Welcome to our cause.

Our Way, How It Works:

The Bare Bones Method. We believe in cutting away all unnecessary excess, meant to fill an article or book, and delivering all the essence straight away, in the simplest possible form. We accomplish this through short lists and paragraphs. This is how we prefer it: short, easy, and efficient—no unnecessary long reading or research, just the essence delivered promptly. And yes, we provide in-depth content too; we simply aim to avoid wasting anyone’s time on what they don’t want or need.

We believe that people often give up or don’t even start something because the task seems insurmountable, too time-consuming, or too complex, when in reality, it’s just necessary to start—take small steps and focus on the few key things that bring the greatest change. Once some success has been achieved, feel free to delve as deeply as you want, becoming ‘the secret Buddha in our midst’!

May your journey begin!

P.S. To assist in keeping this project alive, feel free to purchase a product; it may be an immense help to you in your life.


I dramatically transformed my life with easy steps that anyone can take!

Here are some of the things I started with:


Quit alcohol or use it irregularly in small quantities.


Your health and therefore the quality of your life depend directly on your nutrition. You are what you eat.

Physical Exercise:

The sooner you start with physical exercise, the better. It is essential for enjoying your life.

Choose Happiness:

Happiness, unfortunately, does not just suddenly appear because of something that happens to you. You have to decide to be happy. You have two choices: decide.


Practice relaxation for mind and body. Use meditation, mantras, yoga, mindfulness, walking, or whatever works for you, but calm your mind and body.


Learn a philosophy like stoicism that teaches you how to live your life with self-love, love for others, and love for the environment, and gives you a positive point of orientation on how to live your life.

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Stoic Calm

Stoic Calm denotes a state of profound tranquility and stability, characterized by enduring mental composure and physical relaxation. It entails the deliberate maintenance of emotional equilibrium and the judicious management of one's responses to external stimuli, focusing on exerting control over aspects within one's influence.

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Proper nutrition is essential for a healthy, happy life. Begin with a Natural Foods Diet, focusing on foods that are minimally processed and close to their original form, such as fresh produce, whole grains, and lean proteins. This diet minimizes artificial additives and processed foods. Advance to a Clean Eating Diet, which emphasizes whole, unrefined foods. This diet supports optimal health by promoting nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods and aligns with Paleo principles, encouraging a natural and wholesome dietary approach.

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Physical Exercise

Incorporating physical exercise into daily routines is considered one of the most effective ways of improving quality of life and health longevity. Whether it's structured exercise programs or part of everyday activities, it plays a crucial role in maintaining health and preventing disease.

Physical Exercise


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Life and Philosophy

Formal philosophies like Stoicism, Utilitarianism, or Existentialism offer structured frameworks that shape individual life philosophies. By integrating personal beliefs with these doctrines, individuals gain a comprehensive guide for addressing life's challenges and ethical dilemmas. This integration promotes consistent decision-making, instills a sense of purpose, and enhances life coherence, merging personal experiences with philosophical insights.

Life and Philosophy

♦ Stoicism

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Transient Hypofrontality

Transient Hypofrontality refers to a temporary reduction in activity within the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with higher cognitive functions such as planning and decision-making. This neurophysiological condition reallocates cognitive resources to enhance sensory and motor processing, often facilitating states of flow and immersion during intense physical or creative activities.

Blog Journal

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Introduction to Stoicism

Stoicism Introduction to Stoicism Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy that emphasizes the development of self-control and fortitude as a means to overcome destructive emotions. Founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early

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Meditation Blog Entry

Definition Meditation is a practice that involves focusing the mind to achieve a state of heightened awareness and inner calm. It is often used to promote relaxation, develop concentration, and enhance emotional well-being. Originating from

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Daily Mantra, The Short Mix

I am relaxed in body and mind.I am in control of my emotions. I react with equanimity, analysis, understanding, and compassion to every situation.I am open, honest, and free. I live my life with lighthearted

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A new Daily Mantra

A New Daily Mantra I am relaxed in body and in mind. I am fully in control of my emotions. I am relaxed, happy, strong, and focused. I am aware of and attuned to my

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Daily Mantra, The First

Daily Mantra I live my life with feel and flow. I take the path of greatest ease, with the greatest positive effect for myself and those around me.I do it instinctively and with a still mind.I

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About Us – F and F

About Us – F&F Do you want to dramatically increase your happiness and health? Overcome depression and physical ailments such as chronic backache. Dramatically improve the quality of your life? Make it worth living again;

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Existentialists is a philosophical movement that emphasizes individual existence, freedom, and choice. Existentialists believe that individuals are responsible for creating their own meaning and purpose in life, as opposed to relying on external sources such as religion or societal norms. Key concepts in existentialism include:

1. Existence precedes essence: Existentialists assert that individuals exist first and then define themselves through their actions and choices.

2. Freedom and responsibility: Existentialists emphasize the freedom of individuals to make their own choices, but also highlight the responsibility that comes with this freedom. They believe that individuals must take responsibility for their actions and their impact on the world.

3. Anxiety and authenticity: Existentialists often discuss the experience of anxiety that arises from the awareness of one’s freedom and responsibility. They advocate for authenticity, which involves being true to oneself and living in accordance with one’s own values and beliefs.

4. Absurdity: Existentialists contend that the universe is inherently meaningless, and that individuals must create their own meaning in a world that lacks inherent purpose or order.

5. Authenticity: Existentialists encourage individuals to live authentically by making choices that align with their true selves, rather than conforming to societal expectations or external influences.

Overall, existentialism emphasizes the importance of individual experience, choice, and responsibility in creating meaning and purpose in life.